We have the solution against snoring!


British researchers announced that they had successfully managed to stop snoring. An encouraging fact is represented also by the price paid to get rid of the upsetting noisy phenomenon. It costs only $ 6!

The solution is very simple and efficient at the same time. It consists in just one injection in the palate. This medical procedure leads to hardening of the tissue that covers the back palate. In this way the palate no longer vibrates during sleep and loud snoring stops instantly. No less than 15 million people in Britain are snoring every night. The problem is caused by mouth breathing during sleep. Inspired and expired air pressured through the mouth produces sound vibrations.
The new method has appeared, in fact, in the United States since six years ago. During this decade it has been tested experimentally, and excellent results have made the shot to come to Europe via the United Kingdom. The procedure takes only two minutes and is made following a local anesthetic. The patients can go home immediately without any trace of pain or uncomfortable feeling. In a survey-experiment in which they were injected a sample of 60 patients, 40 of them were totally cured of snoring In the case of the other 20 improvements were observed.


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2 responses to “We have the solution against snoring!

  1. sid matthews

    it would be heplful if you could supply the name of the drug so that we may ask our gp’s to administer it. Thanks

  2. sid matthews

    please supply name of drug

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