Wolf Attack – Photo of 2009

wolf attack

The winner of the 45th edition of the best nature and animal photos competition, under the auspices of prestigious BBC Wildlife Magazine and London’s Natural History Museum, was designated a snapshot planned and organized by the author for many years.

The winning photo was chosen from a total of over 43 000 images sent by nature lovers around the world.
“I wanted to get a snapshot where people can see a wolf in full hunt, but without the bloody moments. I didn’t want a raw image, which would get people to hate the wolves”, said the winner of this year’s edition, Spaniard Jose Luis Rodriguez.

To get the exceptional snapshot, he studied for many years the habits and routes of a pack of wolves. The secret of the photo resides in the hand built hatch operated by an infrared beam, which automatically activated the camera when the animal jumped over it.

To succeed the desired photo, Jose Luis Rodriguez gave up his initial device, a Nikon D2X, to use a Hasselblad camera. The entire final photographic equipment consisted, in fact, in a medium-format film camera Hasselblad 503CW, with a fix 80 mm canon.

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