al-Qaeda junior training camp


Amazing pictures appeared on several sites of extremist groups in the Middle East, showing how a group of 10 year old boys are been trained to handle firearms.
The action takes place in a training camp located on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
It seems the boys have been co-opted by al-Qaeda fanatics, in view of forming a mini-army of warriors to fight, if necessary, side by side with adults.
Moreover, the children are educated in a warrior spirit, are taught to hate and become criminals.

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  1. MichaelHawk

    Young people are in military training organizations all over the Western world as well. They are called cadet programs. Kids march around in uniform, hang around military vehicles, and basically get indoctrinated with military viewpoint. Military recruiters in the United States hassle teenagers in high school for years until they sign up. Sometimes parents have to threaten the recruiters before they get the idea to back off. Furthermore, the Boy Scouts program has always had something of a militarized aura to it, with the uniforms and focus on flag, country, and service.

    What it really comes down to is a readiness on the part of the author of this blog to find offense in the activities of a people supposedly designated a state enemy by the government, and a corresponding lack of curiosity about the way the authors own country militarizes its population, including children.

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