The rope Russian poet Serghei Esenin used to hang himself was sold at an auction


The rope used by the Russian poet Serghei Esenin to hang himself on December 28, 1925, in the “Angleterre” hotel in St. Petersburg, was put out for auction on the Internet.
The “Esenin set”, a collection of things that belonged to the poet, was put for sale on the internet. Between them was a locket with a lock of Esenin’s hair, cut by the poet’s mother after his death, and a signed portrait of painter Joseph Levin that presents Esenin in his coffin.
The collection was put up for sale by Larisa Omarova Tambov and has a estimated value of over 20,000 euros. Her husband received the objects from the collector Nikiforov, who in turn had received them from Levin, a former friend of the poet.
Until recently, the collection of personal items stayed in a museum in Tambov, but with the economic crisis, the museum went bankrupt and was closed and the exhibits were auctioned.

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