Miss Plastic Surgery Budapest 2009

An unusual miss contest in which the contenders competed in plastic surgery!
They chose ”Miss Plastic” from a number of ladies helped by the doctor’s scalpel to be perfect. They were allowed to walk on the podium, only if they have been through at least one plastic surgery.
In the training camp the women have spent dozens of hours in the gym. They then passed on to massages and swimming pool.Together with the specialists who have reshaped their noses, lips, breasts and buttocks have entered the competition for the most beautiful…plastic surgery.
Do not think however that the participants are young girls that want to make a career in modeling or television, as we are accustomed in Miss contests so far. Among these are ladies approaching 40 years and had undergone a recovery operation of the nose, liposuction or a facelift. However, the jury took into account not only the appearance of competitors, but also their health records, to analyze the success of surgical procedure.

The winner, a young hostess, has received an apartment in Budapest, and her colleagues from the podium, one vehicle plus diamond jewelry worth $ 10,000.

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