Kune Kune “minipigs” – the newest “shit” on Pet market


Kune Kune pigs, which at maturity are not bigger than one cup of tea, have Britain at their feet, becoming the most popular pet in UK this fall.
Obtained from a careful genetic program, when their number increased the micro-pigs developed a sudden passion for football. Now, the pigs which have at maturity only 35 cm long, have “devastated” the market for pets in Britain, a kune kune – species originating in New Zealand – arriving to sell even with 700 pounds each.


“It’s amazing how popular they have become, so that people are close to fight to own a mini-pig as a pet”, said Jane Croft one of the zoologist at Pennywell Farm which has been involved in the birth of the smallest piglets in the world since the project began . Rupert Grint, from the Harry Potter saga is one of the many celebrities who have acquired such a pig. Madonna, Johnny Depp and Victoria Beckham are on the waiting list and will receive their kune kune somewhere around Christmas, because the initial stock of 40 pigs put up for sale was exhausted in any 3 days.


“They are ideal as pets,” added Croft. “Kune Kune are very clean, do not make mess, eat just a bit, are playful, but are not making too much noise – in sum, are a lovely company that does not require much care. In addition, such a pig lives 18 years and, despite its small size, inherited the outstanding intelligence of ordinary pigs, considered among the most intelligent animals in the world, along with apes and dolphins.

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