NASA bombed the Moon!


Centaur, the upper segment of the Atlas 5 rocket that carried the mission Lunar Crater Observing and Sensing Satellite to orbit Selena, it will detach from the rocket and will hit the lunar surface in the region of crater Cabeus. After the explosion, experts anticipate that it will form a new crater, three times smaller than the size of a football field.
Cabeus was chosen as the location of the bombing because NASA analysts estimate that impact in this place will make the final proof that the Moon bares water, as suggested before by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, Lunar Prospector, Chandrayaan-1 and JAXA’s Kaguya. After the bombing, NASA measuring instruments will reveal the exact proportion of water and ice in the lunar soil.
The whole raid will be observed on Earth by telescopes larger than 10 inches, or live on NASA TV.

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