Convertible cars damage hearing!


Drivers who drive convertibles with speeds of 80-110 km / h are likely to lose their hearing, shows an American study.
At these speeds, drivers “with the hood off” are exposed to a noise level close to that produced by a jackhammer and long-term exposure can permanently damage their hearing.
Measuring noise levels on the right and the left of the driver’s head at different speeds, the researchers found that at 80, 95 and 112 km / h, the noise intensity reaches 88-90 dB. However, starting from 85 decibels, appears the risk that the audit function will be permanently affected.
Specialists have warned that strong noise effects accumulate over time and the damage to the auditory function may become evident only after several years, when recovery is not possible.
But hearing impairment can be prevented through simple protective measures: raising the car’s windows (which already reduces noise near the ears) and wearing helmets – even simple kind or headphones to listen to music.

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