Best and worst lovers in the world

love initiated a survey dedicated exclusively to women. The project’s initiators wanted the world to know what men are the worst lovers and the reasons why.
The poll involved over 15 000 women who have traveled the world. Their reasons were very diverse. From the fact that they are smelly, to that they have too much hair on the body, women have categorized man on the planet.
Here is the ranking and the reasons why men are not wanted.

1 GERMANY (not too pleasant smell)
2 England (too lazy)
3 Sweden (too hurry)
4 NETHERLANDS (too possessive)
6 Greece (too careless)
Wales 7 (too selfish)
8 SCOTLAND (too loud)
9 TURKEY (sweat too much)
10 RUSSIA (too hairy)

In other order of ideas, women drawn also a top with the best lovers in the world. Spanish man rank in first position, followed by Brazilians. Last step of the ranking it taken by Italians, while the last position, tenth, situated the Canadians.

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