Sand storm in Sydney, Australia! Incredible Images


Sydney residents woke up this morning in a setting loosen like from a Hollywood movie. A huge sand storm invaded the Australian metropolis. Everything was covered with red dust, brought by wind from the desert.
The storm began before dawn. You could not distinct colors of traffic lights in intersections,” said a policeman. Visibility did not exceeded a few meters and, of course, shipments were foiled.
At dawn, the entire city was covered by a red powder, as from a science fiction movie scene. Scared by the “red desert” that invaded the city, many locals have phoned the emergency services, fearing a huge fire.
Under the red sky, residents covered their faces with masks to protect themselves, while authorities have asked children and elderly to stay in their homes.
Shipments have been seriously disrupted due to strong winds and low visibility.


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2 responses to “Sand storm in Sydney, Australia! Incredible Images

  1. Tanya


    I am a student at Rollins College (Winter Park, Florida) and I am doing a research paper on sandstorms and dust storms. I would like to use some of these images in my powerpoint presentation since this was such a recent sandstorm. Do I have permission? I would cite it in my research as coming from this site. Thanks!


    • abyteofenews

      “Hi, I am a student at Rollins College…”

      Yeah, sure, go ahead…I hope they can be useful…Let me know how it worked out…All the best!

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