Shocking ! The Panama monster had no blood


Mystery: the next day the corpse has disappeared without being able to determine whether it was a mutant animal or an alien.
While the world continues a lively debate about the mysterious creature killed by four teenagers in Panama, a TV channel called on them to explain things.
The monster that would have appeared on the shore of a lake in the area of Chorro triggers the curiosity of all people and especially of specialists.
The four teenagers, with ages between 14 and 16 years were severely criticized for killing the creature. Invited to Telemetro television channel, they claimed to have killed the creature by fear and have insisted that it didn’t bled, although they smash it with a stone.
“We were bathing in the lake, when one of our friends felt something hit his foot and suddenly left the water a sort of mutant,” said one of the boys. Another confirmed: “I don’t know what it was. He rushed upon us and we started to defend, attacking him with stones”.
At first, the boys didn’t realize that he died because it didn’t bleed at all. It drew no sound. Then they photographed it with their mobile phone.

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One response to “Shocking ! The Panama monster had no blood

  1. liza

    its a sloth, look at its hands the only animal i know of with hooks like that is the sloth. It has the same body type without all it’s hair. Maybe it’s a hairless sloth or a sloth that had a really rough day…plus the faces of a sloth and this “alien” match alot.

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