Sex change at 9. Another BOY came back to school as GIRL!


It happened again in southern England, where, after the summer vacation, a boy student came back in the classroom as a girl. The 9 years old boy colleagues were told that he left and his place was taken by a girl. The student came to school the next day, dressed in girl uniform, with a long pony tail fastened with a pink bow.
The students parents protested because they were not informed about the situation before. But everything was already decided in the council staff. The student will suffer a sex change operation, but only after … 9 years(when he/she will become major).
Five specialized doctors confirmed that the boy has rather feminine habit, and that sex change is indicated.
However, there have been voices that say it’s too early for parents to decide the future of the child and all these things should be delayed for years to come.
The boy could become the youngest person involved in a sex-change surgery.

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