INCREDIBIL! At one year old, pregnant with her twin brother!

Incredible event in China! Doctors have found that the belly of a girl only a year old grows every day. The ultrasound test proved that the little girl named Mengru Kang, bears in her womb her twin brother.
Kang Mengru will be operated soon to lead a normal life.
Her mother had a parasitic twin pregnancy.
The phenomenon is called “fetus in fetus. May 9occur once every 500,000 pregnancies in the early stages of intrauterine life. Usually, both fetuses die before birth.
In 2008, one such case was reported in international scientific fora by a medical team in Saudi Arabia. According to scientists, was the first such case in the history of modern medicine.


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6 responses to “INCREDIBIL! At one year old, pregnant with her twin brother!

  1. S. Olawale N.

    I could’nt belief in the first place,but stil wonder yet.sound irritatin and disgusting.though,acording to the words of god.all evils and things that had never happn will come to existence when this world is coming to an END..this could be the begining we never can say.

  2. Larry Mogon

    That is just weird. but, cool in a way.

  3. Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

    Nice site and good information. Thanks for covering this topic so in depth.

  4. sophie

    how is that even posable and how did it happen by sophie aged 9.

  5. sarafina

    omg 1 year old pregnant children have watch for stranger.

  6. Greg

    this is not the first recorded case in modern medicine. check out the BBC…

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